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Mental Health Decoded

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Mental health is akin to the weather. The weather varies throughout the seasons. There are days when the weather is joyful and sunny, making us feel energetic , yet other days the weather can flip to be gloomier and rainier, making you feel like staying indoors. Similarly, your mental health can fluctuate and lead you down a darker path as well as go through phases of positivity and dazzling bursts of energy. Mental conditions influence an individual's thinking, perception, and consciousness about the self, others, and the world through a variety of experiences and events of diverse severity. Extreme cases of it are evident with severe mental illnesses including psychoses and bipolar disorders, but less pronounced and yet substantial manifestations are present with anxiety, mood swings, stress eating, disturbed sleep cycle and other psychological conditions. The core components of human identity and the notion of "self," including emotion, perception, thought, and action, are the key areas that mental diseases impact.

The point to be noted is that mental health is strongly influenced by values, not because scientific elements are missing but rather because values are of paramount significance in this scenario. A strong mental state goes beyond the absence of mental health issues. More than solely being devoid of sadness, anxiety, or other psychological problems , good mental health is the presence of beneficial, positive psychological traits that help you grow and sustain healthily, personally and professionally.

Whether you wish to address a specific mental health issue, manage your emotions better, or simply feel more positive and enthusiastic, there are a variety of approaches to take control of your mental health—beginning today, WITH POSITIVMINDS.

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