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Positivminds was founded during the second lockdown in India, where the founding team observed that near and dear one’s were going through either high risk of depression or anxiety due to various factors apart from just the pandemic. The team then spent the next few months talking to principals, teachers, parents, students and working professionals to understand various reasons and causes. We ran a survey across 50,000 individuals to arrive at the problem statement. The outcome of the survey indicated a dire need for mental health support systems among the population assessed.

We are reinventing mental health and emotional wellbeing care by using data science & Artificial Intelligence in collaboration with clinicians and researchers, designers and writers. Our objectives are 

  • To allow for proactive conversations to develop around emotional well-being through education and training.

  • To provide a medium which helps identify patterns of anxiety and depression and thereby provide immediate care.

  • Provide personalized and tailor-made feedback with a clear action plan to each individual.


Our intent is to walk through the entire journey of the individual till they feel comfortable to manage well on their own.

Why Us?

   We would like to break the problem into two-fold

  • Break the STIGMA: We are creating awareness through various medium to the people and creating awareness around mental-health and it’s associated problems. We are working towards making people feel comfortable to talk about a problem with their near/dear ones.

  • Provide access to the right set of assessment tools: post awareness comes easy access to the right set of assessment tools to understand if an individual is going through a problem or not. If yes, then how bad is it will help ensure the right treatment is provided. The assessment tools that we use are the one’s created by Robert L. Spitzer, MD, Janet B.W. Williams, DSW, and Kurt Kroenke, MD in the mid-1990’s under a grant from Pfizer. These tools are widely used by all mental health centers globally.

What we do?

Once we have the assessments done, we come with tailor-made feedback for the individual to help them with their current set of problems in the form of

  • Self-learning material in the form of print, podcasts, or videos.

  • Experience counsellors to provide necessary support.

  • Periodic webinars.

  • A blog which talks about latest around mental health and how to deal with the current issues.

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