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We understand the impact mental health struggles have on an individual. We have put together a comprehensive and robust model that serve not just to combat tough times but deliver continuous improvement.


  • Delivering a continuum of care across all aspects of health and wellbeing.
  • We are combining technology and talent to deliver results.
  • Our digital solutions provide all-encompassing mental, physical and social support – and are available when students need them most.  
  • We provide a guided Journey for a positive well-being.



Students experience moderate to extremely severe depression


Students experienced a significant increase in their stress levels and severe deterioration in their emotions of anger, anxiety, loneliness, hopelessness & happiness.


Parents are very or somewhat concerned about the coronavirus outbreak’s negative impact on learning.


Parents expressed concern about the effect of school closings on students’ emotional and social development

*Source: our survey conducted across 15,000 students between June – August’21

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  • Our Employee and Family assistance program is unique and we focus on proactive training to maintain total well-being by imbibing healthy practices early on.
  • We create innovative wellbeing solutions to enable team members to be productive and focus on work.
  • We provide a holistic and comprehensive well-being package.
  • We combine technology and talent to deliver results.
  • Our digital solutions provide an all-encompassing mental, physical and social support. 
  • Our network of counsellors are trained in areas such as social work & psychology – and are available to help employees at any point in their life journey. 
  • Confidential, professional support



Round the clock access to professional assessments

Filling Out a Medical Form

Get a personalized assessment report

Online Discussion

Ask our expert - Consultation with medical professionals

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Access to Resource Center Articles, Videos & Podcasts

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Periodic Webinars

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Customized Programs

(On Demand module development)

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Parenting/Teachers/Employee Skill Enhancement Center

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